Technology permeates all businesses and industries. Technology is no novelty – technology is the practical embodiment and application of knowledge. Vaar assists both private and public actors in all industries with strategic advice where technology is a key part of the specific case.

For us, the field of technology includes IT, media, telecom, copyright, e-commerce, Fintech and Life Science. Vaar often assists in the implementation of IT procurements, including preparation of contracts, contract negotiations for purchase or offer of cloud services and dispute resolution.

Vaar participates in the Norwegian Data Society’s work on standardizing IT contracts, including contracts regarding cloud services.

We work in teams and cooperate closely with the people in your business.

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Vaar Advokat represented at #Arendalsuka 2019

Managing Partner Thor Beke of Vaar Advokat AS will participate...
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Public Operators and Cloud Services

Vaar Has Assessed the Major Cloud Service Providers’ Terms Under the GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation – the GDPR – has since the Regulation entred into force in Norway on 20 July 2018 necessitated major changes for Norwegian businesses, bot public and private. Public operators must, as a result of requirements for their own processing of personal data, also […]